Wrist brace for arthritis

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Arthritis knee braces are also referred to as «unloader» knee braces or «off loading» knee braces. These types of knee braces work in a very unique fashion by creating an opening or «gap» between the femur and tibia so the two bones do not contact each other or rub together when the knee is fully extended. Two terms you will notice when you review the product information for these arthritis knee braces, is medial or lateral unloader. These terms refer to the area of the arthritis in the knee that is causing the problem. Medial refers to the inside of the knee or the inner knee compartment. Lateral refers to the outside compartment of the knee.

Typically the medial or inner compartment is affected most often, but your doctor should be able to tell you with x-rays of your knee joint. The other term you will see alot is unicompartmental osteoarthritis. This refers to one of the two compartments of the knee that have the arthritis. You can only unload one or the other compartment, but not both.

When you look at an x-ray of a knee joint that has unicompartmental osteoarthritis, you will see the two bones actually touching, with no space between them, indicating lack of cartilage and joint fluid. Doctors use the terms varus or valgus when referring to these angular changes. Varus refers to bowing of the leg, and valgus refers to knock kneed. If you are not sure which brace you need, consult your doctor before deciding. We know you have many online choices in arthritis knee braces. Trust the experts at The Brace Shop to help you find the right brace for your knee condition. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of customer service, and to assist you in every aspect with your experience at The Brace Shop.