What is rheumatism arthritis

Arthritis Arthritis came from the Greek word arthron which means «joint» and a Latin word which means «inflammation. Arthritis is the primary cause of disabilities among elderly persons which are what is rheumatism arthritis fifty years old in countries that belong to the first-world classification. This disease is not only classified into one group. The disease can cover up to 100 medical situations.

Rheumatoid arthritis, or RA, is one of the various classifications, but the most prevalent type of arthritis is osteoarthritis or OA. This type usually occurs in elderly patients while RA can occur to younger people. It is essential to identify the type of arthritis condition a patient has. The diagnosis will be the basis of the patient’s treatment regimen. A joint is a hinge in the body that enables parallel bones to move.

Ligaments are structures that clasp the two bones simultaneously. These structures maintain the bones in the proper place to relax a person’s muscles or to contract to enable movement of joints. Cartilage is the cover of bones that prevents the two parallel bones from rubbing directly on each other. The cartilage cover permits the joint to move painlessly and smoothly. The joint cavity, or the hollow space between two bones, contains a special kind of liquid termed as synovial fluid. This fluid has the ability to nourish the cartilage and the joints.