What is good for arthritis pain

What is a good pain reliever for sciatica, arthritis and low back pain? I am unable to take Tylenol 3, What is good for arthritis pain, Ibprophren and aspirin products.

The OTC products are not strong enough. The only thing that seemed to help was Darvacet, but they took it off the market. I don’t know just how severe the pain is, my Mom broke her wrist last winter and she was in the emergency room the doctor on call gave her Ultram, she was leary of it I think because she’d not taken it so the script is still in her room unfilled. There’s also opiates like Vicodin.

Try staying active and exercise if you can. Especially working the core muscles. This will help support the spine and take some pressure off the nerves. These are just a few suggestions. If your condition isn’t expected to improve, you’d be better off with an extended release pain med like ms contin, opana er, oxycontin. I would also recommend a consultation with a pain specialist.