What can you do for arthritis in your back

Sitting for extended periods of time without a proper break can lead to back pain, neck strain and worse. To fend off this what can you do for arthritis in your back, try stretching your trapezius-the kite-shaped muscle that covers the upper and back part of the neck and the shoulders-a few times a day. Sitting up straight, with your feet flat and shoulders back, grab onto the bottom of your chair with your right hand.

Then slowly tilt your head sideways, bringing your left ear toward your left shoulder until you feel a gentle stretch along the right side of your neck and shoulder. Do this stretch a few times a day to help prevent a strain from starting in the first place. In this recipe, lamb shanks, wine, vegetables, and herbs simmer for eight hours to reach a level of taste and tenderness that will please most everyone. Trend: Would you upload a photo of your body for others to compare themselves to? I definitely have «fat» days, where I just don’t like the way my clothes fit when I look in the mirror.