Titanium magnetic bracelets arthritis

Please forward this error screen to serv-10558. Lumbar support and general back support belts, made from neoprene or titanium magnetic bracelets arthritis breathable fabrics, improve back posture to treat and manage low back pain caused by sciatica, slipped disc, facet syndrome, spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease.

Latest 30 Products — RSS 2. Back support belts are designed to support and improve back posture, thus treating and managing low back pain caused by the conditions sciatica, a slipped disc, facet syndrome, spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease. These conditions are often brought on or aggravated by weak core muscles or overuse of the back muscles which lead them to become strained. Typically a BASIC support will be manufactured from neoprene or a similar stretchy material, to assist the joint where minor injury has occurred. This level of assistance is excellent for non-contact sports or everyday activities.

The compressive nature of these products will increase blood flow to the affected area encouraging quicker healing for slight sprains and strains, while the support will retain heat helping to ease the associated symptoms of mild arthritis. Our ADVANCED range of products is best suited to sports use or for those who engage in repetitive or manual work activities. These supports offer piece of mind and serve as an excellent preventative measure without being cumbersome and obtrusive, while helping to stabilise the joint during rehab. This level of support will assist and help minimise problems caused by twisting and turning, acceleration or sudden changes in direction.

For those who regularly play sport we would definitely recommend the use of an ADVANCED support to help keep you fit and healthy. The ELITE series offers the maximum level of support and protection and we would recommend these products for those who play high-impact, energetic sports regularly. These activities place the body under an enormous amount of stress with injury incidence rates far greater, this rating provides a solid platform to perform while helping to prevent any unnatural movement. The Elite level brace can be used for rehabilitation after severe trauma, assisting the joint to help encourage quicker healing. It may also allow users to undertake normal day-to-day activities and is often the preferred choice to the more traditional, often bulkier NHS supplied products. A top-quality neoprene back support with metal stays, which provides superb support, warmth and pain relief. Elite Back Support has a rating of 5.

Ideal for work sports and everyday wear, this is a top quality back brace, with a 3-dimensional multi-filament construction, plus six reinforcing metal stays. Elite Back Brace Black has a rating of 5. A premium lumbar belt that adjusts with precision throughout the day. The Ultimate Performance Advanced Back Support is a soft neoprene, latex free back support belt which provides firm, adjustable and evenly distributed support. The Donjoy Comfortform Back Support as the name suggests provides comfort to the lumbar region of the spine through a moulded compression pad.