Supplements for arthritis in horses

ARTHRITIS is a common condition but can be extremely debilitating and painful. Many people supplements for arthritis in horses the condition with painkillers but one woman said a device which can help ease pain is a ‘miracle’. Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. Hilary Cass, 74, a retired mother-of-two from East Sussex, had to give up horse riding when a painful condition started to take over her life.

This was devastating news for Hilary and even more so when in March 2017, she was told she needed a knee replacement. However, a friend recommended microcurrent therapy, which works by mimicking the body’s natural electrical currents and reintroduces them from an external source. The technology had previously been used for injured horses but now research has revealed it can be used for humans. Hilary said she was sceptical at first but decided she had nothing to lose, because it had worked on horses.

I was constantly in pain and putting my body at more risk everyday with the medicine I was taking but now I’m using a safe method of pain relief and I am very happy. The pain took over my life and was the main reason I stopped riding my beloved horses which was very hard for me. I can now have a full night’s sleep, I can move around, exercise, walk my dog and do the things that I have missed out on for years. Hilary said the device has changed her life — she can go on long walks and sleep without being woken up by pain. Arthritis: From osteoarthritis to rheumatoid, here are different types of the painful condition that affects around 10 million people in the UK. What are the different types of arthritis?

My son and daughter unfortunately also suffer with arthritis and they have begun using it too. They are astonished at how well it works and how well they now feel. I have recommended this treatment to everyone I know who is suffering as I truly believe the device is a miracle. Cells communicate with all other cells with a series of minute sequences of electrical currents, which regulate the body’s function. When disease, injury or stress is present, these currents are compromised, which can prevent natural healing processes. Microcurrent therapy accelerates many processes involved with correct cellular functioning.