Spondylitis rheumatoid arthritis

This month, Spondylitis rheumatoid arthritis would like to talk about rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Last month, we discussed gout and osteoarthritis, which are two other rheumatological diseases.

In my clinic of integrative medicine in San Jose, California, I find that many rheumatological diseases respond very well to diet and supplements. This month, one of the big categories of rheumatoid arthritis will be addressed. While we can always benefit from further research, the information we’ll talk about this month should get us going in the right direction for all those of you interested in how to better improve your health in this arena. This diet recommendation has worked very well with my patients including many patients who have achieved significant enough improvement that they have been able to be tapered down or off their medications by their rheumatologist.

Despite hearing this, I caution the readers to not take yourselves off medications and if you are doing much better on a cleaner diet, that you approach your rheumatologist to inquire about medication dosage changes but do not come off medications on your own. I always say to my patients a safe approach is a good team approach, so make sure to keep your «teammate» physician in the loop and have them hear about your great progress and decide together about your medication dosages. While the research on this topic warrants further investigation, in my clinical practice, I have seen this to be true of many of the rheumatological diseases. It is important to always remember that these diseases can be severe and debilitating and postponing medication therapy should only be done if you have consulted your physician and you should not make therapeutic decisions purely on your own it is not safe. I am a big fan of patients taking their own health into their own hands but only in the way such that you take ownership for making healthy lifestyle changes. But you need the guidance of physicians to help you understand where your disease severity is and once you have discussed all of your therapeutic options with your doctor is when you AND your doctor can come up with the safest plan for you. A possible link between Crohn’s disease and ankylosing spondylitis via klebsiella infection.