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The video above describes what you’ll find in my Frozen Shoulder Survival Guide. I really DO believe I can help  shoulder pain joint pain get your life back. Ever wondered what it looks like inside a frozen shoulder?

Join Doctor Cameron as he talks you through how frozen shoulder develops and what causes the pain and stiffness that frozen shoulder patients experience. Just click on the video below to discover more. You can also watch in larger format by clicking the You Tube emblem on the bottom right of the picture. And it’s not only the neck that can be injured. Are you worried about taking medications for arthritis pain relief? Could a change in diet help your joint pains? Chinese medicine has used acupuncture to treat joint pains — including shoulder pain for thousands of years.

Neck and shoulder pain are common together — the terrible twins of upper limb conditions. Shoulder bursitis pain can be really disabling for many people and the problem is often tricky to diagnose and treat. The rotator cuff muscles and tendons support and stabilise the shoulder. Rotator cuff exercises can help pain and function. Accidents at home are common and can lead to death or serious injury — children are particularly at risk of home accidents. Get great advice here on injury prevention.

Need Treatment For Shoulder Pain? I’ve also included my award winning 83 page ebook on Frozen Shoulder. I’ve treated people with shoulder pain for many years and I know the kind of frustration it can bring only too well. Do you suffer from neck pain?

Neck and shoulder pain often go hand in hand — and it can be tricky to figure out where the pain is really coming from. Is neck pain an issue for you? YOU think you have neck pain right now? Or maybe you believe it «runs in your family»? If you’re struggling with a sore neck at present then I have to say, this stuff will really intrigue you. Well, guess what — you’ll find out you’ve been wrong.