Rheumatoid arthritis exercise program

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Meaning of rheumatoid arthritis medical term. What does rheumatoid arthritis mean? The skeletal system of the body is made up of different types of strong, fibrous tissue called connective tissue. Bone, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons are all forms of connective tissue that have different compositions and different characteristics. The joints are structures that hold two or more bones together. The simplest synovial joint involves two bones, separated by a slight gap called the joint cavity. The ends of each articular bone are covered by a layer of cartilage.

Both articular bones and the joint cavity are surrounded by a tough tissue called the articular capsule. The fibrous membrane may include tough bands of tissue called ligaments, which are responsible for providing support to the joints. This membrane produces a supply of synovial fluid that fills the joint cavity, lubricates it, and helps the articular bones move smoothly about the joint. Usually thin and delicate, the synovium becomes thick and stiff, with numerous infoldings on its surface. The membrane is invaded by white blood cells, which produce a variety of destructive chemicals. These processes severely interfere with movement in the joint.