Relief of knee joint pain

Get tips on the best yoga poses for relieving knee pain at home. Yoga therapy is an effective complementary treatment for treating relief of knee joint pain problems.

Our knee joint is a common site of acute or chronic joint injury that may significantly alter the normal daily activities since it plays an integral role in maintaining smooth limb mobility. In addition, menopause also increases the risk of symptomatic knee pain due to estrogen depletion and resulting bone de-mineralization. 2 increases the intensity of wear and tear changes and aggravate the process of osteoarthritis. Although exercises and different postures are recommended by most healthcare providers today, little is known about the actual postures or poses and therapeutic benefits.

This yoga pose is extremely help for the optimal nourishment of your knee joint. These yoga poses are helpful in alleviating knee pain and discomfort by strengthening and stabilizing knee joint. However, if you experience undue pressure, stress or strain in any part of knee joint, you can stop the exercise and perform alternative poses to prevent any injury. Why Yoga Therapy Helps To Relieve Knee Pain? Yoga may provide a feasible treatment option for previously yoga-naive, obese patients more than 50 years of age and offers potential reductions in pain and disability caused by knee OA. There are a number of logical explanations with which yoga therapy decreases the intensity or severity of knee joint pain. Controlled breathing helps in decreasing the production of toxins.