Rain arthritis

Yes, the rain arthritis and humidity can make your joints ache. Can you feel a storm coming in your knees? So can lots of people with arthritis.

Some doctors think that these stories of weather causing joint pain are old wives’ tales, but science is backing up the phenomenon. Some people are more sensitive to weather than others. So you may feel more stiff and achy in the cold more than your neighbor. That doesn’t either of you is wrong, it just means that we don’t perceive things the same.

It turns out that weather-sensitive people with OA experience more joint pain overall than their non-weather-sensitive counterparts. Which Weather Conditions Are Worst? If you combine results of the various studies, the general consensus is that cold, wet weather is the worst for inciting arthritis pain. The frost is on the pumpkin and the pain is back in my joints. Meaning that either a cold front or warm front coming in can ramp up the ache in your fingers. But once the weather has settled in, your pain will even out. The effect of humidity on pain was stronger when the weather was colder.

In essence, they found that wet, winter days are no fun. Why Does Cold Rain Make You Hurt? Scientists don’t know for sure why changes in weather can make some people hurt, or why it affects some people more than others. But they do have a few theories. Starz believes at least some of the increased pain comes from decreased activity.

We know that physical activity relieves arthritis pain. And when the weather is unpleasant, people tend to hole up inside. That inactivity can lead to more pain. Other scientists offer physical reasons behind the pain. Low temperatures may also increase the thickness of joint fluids, making them stiffer and perhaps more sensitive to pain during movement. The mind-body connection is strong. If warm sunny weather makes you feel better psychologically, you’ll probably feel better physically as well.

Anti-inflammatory Fruits and Veggies — Fresh, Canned or Frozen? I am quite comfortable in the cooler temperatures. When the season changes to warm spring and hot summer, then my joints are very uncomfortable, and makes me miserable. The heavier barometric presssure actually eases my pain.

Are there others who experience this as well? Cold weather is more painful for my mom. We all family started serving more to her. Doctors prescribe more medicines, will have to take care more in cold season. My muscles, tendons, and bone injuries hurt very badly when the humidity is high like 84 and above.