Placebo effect arthritis

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5 0 1 0 6. You know that not getting regular exercise can be bad for your health. The research suggests that the health perks of exercise may come not just from the physical movements, but also how people think and feel about them, as well. In other words, people who feel like slackers may not be getting all the benefits they should be from their workouts. Lead author Octavia Zahrt, a Stanford PhD student in organizational behavior, based her research on a personal experience. I biked to work, and went to the gym maybe once a week.

Compared to them I felt really inactive, and I developed what I know now was a really negative mindset about my physical activity. So Zahrt and her faculty advisor, Alia Crum, PhD, decided to study whether this attitude could have an effect on long-term health. To do so, they analyzed data from 61,141 adults who were surveyed between 1990 and 2006 and followed until 2011. The adults only answered questions about their activity levels, and some also wore accelerometers to track their real-time activity for a week. Would you say that you are physically more active, less active, or about as active as other persons your age? In fact, they found that people’s perceptions about their own physical activity levels frequently did not match up with reality. People who shortchange themselves in this way could be unknowingly sabotaging their health, say the study authors.