Pain and joint swelling

Thumb joint pain and inflammation can be the result of an injury or sprain to the thumb, or even some chronic disease like osteoarthritis. It is often accompanied by stiffness of the joint, and makes even simple activities like gripping or holding an object quite painful. A pithy ‘OMG’ or ‘LOL’ may well be the lingo of the youth, where sending a dozen text messages pain and joint swelling no less than a norm, one is bound to have no mercy over that little thumb that does all the talking for you. This app-lication may leave you with severe joint pain and a sore thumb!

In the name of stating ‘what’s on their mind’, they end up sending over 100 text messages every day. Studies are a testimony to the fact that children spend 7 to 8 hours on an average entertaining themselves through a myriad of applications! We hope the message is delivered successfully! Thumb joint pain can be quite intense at times, which can put restrictions on its movement and cause a lot of discomfort. The pain can sometimes radiate down the wrist, causing pain in the forearm too. Thumb pain can be accompanied by symptoms like swelling and stiffness. It can be caused by several factors, ranging from a minor injury or trauma, and even thumb arthritis.

Many a time, this condition, along with swelling, can be a result of a minor injury like a strain or sprain of the joint. The pain often affects the wrist, besides restricting the movement of the thumb. Besides, excessive stress on the thumb or its overuse can also lead to this condition. This is more commonly observed in the younger generation, as they tend to overuse their thumb for activities like texting. If the pain is not due to an injury, then it can be an indicator of other medical conditions, some of which are mentioned below. These two conditions are known to cause loss of cartilage in the joint. Thumb arthritis is the condition characterized by pain at the base of the thumb, whenever it is used for gripping.

Along with pain, swelling and stiffness are other symptoms of this condition. This is another serious health condition that can lead to swelling and pain in several joints of the body. This membrane lines the joints and secretes a lubricating fluid known as synovial fluid. The result of the immune attack on this membrane is what causes pain and swelling of the joint.

Apart from this, it can also lead to joint deformities. Bursa is a fluid-filled sac found between the bones and the muscles or tendons around it. Inflammation of this sac is referred to as bursitis. An injury to the bursa can result in significant pain of the thumb joint.