My big toe joint pain

Our foot and ankle specialists are nationally recognized experts in the treatment of Hallux Rigidus and Hallux Limitus often described by big toe joint pain. Foot and ankle doctor Dr. In this video we discuss Big Toe Arthritis and advanced treatment options available my big toe joint pain UFAI.

Our physicians are at the forefront of big toe arthritis treatment and research and committed to offering state-of-the-art care. They have assisted in the development of the leading hallux rigidus surgical implant and taught our techniques to thousands of foot surgeons throughout the world. Our patients are our top priority and our goal is to them back on their feet in the quickest and least invasive way possible. You will be treated like family while receiving world-class care.

Patients can develop arthritis in the big toe joint from a single trauma or overuse and leads to limited motion, joint pain, and decreased function. Hallux Rigidus: what’s the difference? The stage or severity of your big toe arthritis will determine the most appropriate treatment options. Cartiva is a revolutionary surgical implant designed to replace the damaged cartilage surface of the great toe joint. While the symptoms of bunions and big toe arthritis can be similar, their causes and treatment options vary. Arthrosurface replaces missing cartilage with an implant so the joint stays intact and allows for pain relief and motion in the big toe joint.

Stem cell therapy is a regenerative treatment option used to successfully treat degenerative arthritis, such as hallux limitus. Orthotics are often an effective part of treatment for Big Toe Arthritis. My son and I are both pain free now and we are very happy with the service we got at your office. I wish he was an internal medicine doctor, then he could be my primary care doc. I can’t believe I picked him out of the yellow pages when I was new to the area 10 years ago. The doctor and staff really care.