Magnetic bracelet for arthritis

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The world’s most technically advanced health bracelet for pain relief, sports performance and healing. The world’s most technically advanced health bracelet for pain relief, sports performance and healing from award winning inventor Nigel Broderick. The benefit of TeNS with the latest developments in microcurrent therapy. The Brod brand is synonymous for innovation and performance within the field of magnetic therapy. These qualities have now extended to the world’s first multi therapy microcurrent bracelet. Originally developed for use for alleviating chronic pain, the bracelets are proving effective in helping people suffering from a wide variety of complaints and medical conditions.

No batteries or mains power required. Harnesses the power of the body’s own electrolytes. Measured in millionths of an amp they can turn off pain, operate vital organs, move muscles and aid healing. Microcurrent therapy is now recognised and used extensively by pain clinics, professional therapists and sports trainers.

They are more bio-compatible than currents produced by any other electrical stimulation device. Working at cellular level they are in the same range as the body’s natural current. At this level they are sub-sensory and do not provide any of the discomfort or tingling often associated with standard TeNS machines and devices. Unlike other frequencies, microcurrents are capable of penetrating the cell walls to stimulate healing, reduce the feeling of pain, helping to maintain the correct pH balance by stabilising ions in the blood, and increase the oxygen content of the blood. ATP for the transfer and storage of energy.

Studies have shown that they can increase the production of ATP three to five fold, whereas currents above 5 milliamps can reduce the production. Standard TeNS machines deliver pulsed electrical currents into the body which are believed to promote the production of pain blocking endorphins, but many users find the currents uncomfortable and the equipment impractical. Superior bio-compatibility compared to copper taken orally. Copper is one of a relatively small group of metallic elements which are essential to human health and has been used as a medicine for thousands of years.