Knee osteoarthritis gait

Knee Replacement Naples — Knee Replacement, Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment, ACL Tears Treatment and other procedures which are offered at Collier Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center serving Naples and the surrounding area. People who play sports that are likely to damage the knee — such as basketball, knee osteoarthritis gait, skiing and soccer — are at greatest risk for injuring the ACL.

ACL injuries result from direct contact with another player or object. About half of ACL injuries are accompanied by damage to the meniscus, cartilage, bone or other ligaments in the knee. Signs that you may have injured your ACL include pain, swelling and instability immediately after the injury, followed hours later by greater swelling and pain, limited motion, tenderness and an inability to walk comfortably. Click here to learn more about ACL Reconstruction. A common type of knee injury is damage to the articular cartilage, the smooth substance that covers the ends of the bones and keeps them from rubbing together as you move.