Knee braces osteoarthritis

Donjoy knee braces provide the best protection and support for all kinds of knee problems including ligament instability and arthritis. Compare models and read reviews. Donjoy knee braces are some of the most popular knee braces osteoarthritis on the market.

They are top of the range braces using specially designed hinges, springs and frames. They are regularly used in hospitals and by professional athletes and they are known for providing excellent support. Donjoy make braces to suit all activity levels, from everyday use to professional sports people. Why Choose Donjoy Knee Braces? Donjoy knee braces are the ultimate in protection. Donjoy has been a market leader in non-operative orthopedic products for over 30 years, and has pioneered innovative brace designs and technologies to help professional athletes and active individuals prevent and rehabilitate from knee injuries. You will find information on how the different braces work, what they are suitable for and can read user reviews to help you find the right brace for you.

Donjoy knee braces offer the best protection. ACL is the primary stabiliser of the knee. As the knee gets closer to full extension, that is when the force going through the ACL causes the most damage. Donjoy braces are specially designed to reduce that force, decreasing the overall strain on the ACL.

This slows down the acceleration of the knee in the last 25 degrees of extension, reducing the risk of injury. You can choose the amount of resistance applied depending on your activity levels to make them suitable for anything ranging from everyday use up to professional, extreme and contact sports. This is all about the frame design. This design on Donjoy braces provides dynamic stability through the entire range of movement.

It provides great protection and support through full knee range. The calf is short allowing good boot clearance, and the internally mounted straps mean that if you need to wear a brace on both sides, they won’t catch on each other. For highly active people, skiers and extreme sports enthusiasts this brace is the bee’s knees. It is designed for those people who want to go all-out! People who have thought they wouldn’t be able to get back to activities e. It has a sleek, low-profile design, and is exceptionally light-weight.