Joint pain that moves

Big toe joint pain can be caused by many health conditions. So you need to understand the root causes and simple medical joint pain that moves as well as some self-help methods to get you on your way to healing.

Health News Written by Medical Doctors. What Causes Sharp and Stabbing Pain in Your Thigh? How Long Will Muscle Spasm Last? Joint pain is a common complaint in many people, especially those that are physically very active in the form of stiffness over hyperextension of the bones and muscles due to heavy involvement in sport. Also people who are ushering into their golden years will suffer joint pain due to the stiffness and atrophy of the muscles and growing brittleness in the bones. This also most commonly appears as arthritis.

Pain in the big toe is more common than people think and is most often passed off as the aforementioned, but can have a totally unrelated cause. This is more commonly known as arthritis affecting the big toe. The joint that is affected is the largest joint at the base of the ball of the foot. When standing or walking for sustained periods, the joint will radiate sharp pain to the big toe.

The most common of victims of hallux rigidus is elderly people who are now experiencing the organic result of wear and tear of the joints over a lifetime. Normally there is a fluid filled sac called the bursa that will prevent the joints from rubbing against the bone like nature’s lubricant. When people have bunions, that sac is swollen and a red round protrusion is seen on the side of the big toe pushing it to the side. This causes extreme discomfort in the big toe. You can injure the big toe in so many ways and you may not even feel it for a day.

When you stub your toe it is very painful and generally only hurts for a few minutes but if you break a toe, since there is no way to cast a toe you may be left with an injury that is permanent. If you have an injury in the big toe, you may have caused swelling in the joints that may bring on discomfort by participating in certain activities and by wearing certain shoes as well as being affected by certain cold and or damp weather conditions. The Gout is caused by uric acid crystals building up around the joints of the back of the foot commonly around the Achilles heel. This causes tremendous pain throughout the whole foot which manifests in unique locations for a variety of people. This is a slow healing condition caused by a collection of fluid in the bone. This will cause marked swelling and pain which may take up to a year to heal completely.