Joint pain syndrome

Latest 30 Products — RSS 2. Facet syndrome is not a common cause of back pain. A severe acute episode of Facet joint pain may be due to sudden movement, which joint pain syndrome the Facet joint. More often, Facet pain, or Facet Syndrome is chronic in nature — that is, the underlying cause is due to long term changes in the Facet joint that are often associated with degenerative disc disease.

The Facet joints are situated at the back on either side of the spinal column, between the discs and the vertebral bodies. Each vertebra has bony prominences on each side that form a Facet joint with the vertebra above and below. The semi circular shaped fibrocartilage ‘spacer’ within the knee joint. Its function is to act as a shock absorber and increase the congruency of the knee joint. The role of the Facet joints is to limit excessive movement and provide stability for the spine.

Back pain from the Facet joints may arise from several causes. A severe episode of back pain may be due to sudden excessive movement, which traumatises the Facet joint. Several theories have been put forward, including nipping of the Facet joint capsule or the meniscoid tissue between the two bones. As with trauma to any such joint, there is an inflammatory reaction with swelling and pain in the joint, which may last for several days. With chronic Facet joint pain, the underlying cause is due to long term changes in the joint, meaning the pain does not go away in a few days. In most cases there is degeneration within the Facet joint, causing an arthritic type problem. This may be a long term consequence of seemingly minor trauma in the past.

Typically, there is back pain just to one side of the spine. The back will generally feel stiff in the morning. In some cases there may be irritation of the nerve roots, which emerge from the spinal cord at the level of the problem, causing pain to refer to the buttock, groin or hamstring region. This is known as Sciatica. Often this problem is made worse by prolonged sitting or standing in one position.

A member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, signified by the initials MCSP. If there is any doubt it may be necessary to have an x-ray of the spine. The body part to be scanned is placed within the magnetic field of a super magnet and radio waves are fired at the patient. This is used in the diagnosis of numerous sports injuries. A group of drugs that have a pain relieving, anti-fever and anti-inflammatory effect. Common examples are aspirin and ibuprofen.