Joint pain relief cream

I’m a 32 year old female in fairly good health about joint pain relief cream lbs. I had my first bout ever of bronchitis. It cleared up within 2 weeks.

This expert forum is not accepting new questions. I took Claritan 24 hour tablets and used an inhaler. It is now a few weeks later and symptoms have since cleared. During this time I started to have shoulder pain. I thought I may have had a pinched nerve, but it has gotten worse and is now painful in my hip, knees, and elbows. So painful at times it brings me to tears.

I went to an urgent care clinic. The doctor didn’t know what it could be so he decided to do blood work. She reassured me that it wasn’t anything serious but needs to be investigated! Isn’t joint pain a symptoms of leukemia? Infection and bone pain are symptoms would my blood work show abnormal WBC, RBC, and platelets if this were the case? ESR is high is this indicative of leukemia even if cbc normal. Should I get a second opinion?

All I know is that I am in pain! I pray it’s not anything serious. I ask the doctor straight up if I had leukemia and she looked at me and said «no you don’t why would you think that? I’m overweight could it be the cause of my joint pain?

I also sleep wierd arms tucked under chest. An elevated ESR is suggestive of inflammation — which can be caused by a variety of diseases such as infection, trauma, or rheumatologic disease. If there is continued bone pain, a bone scan can be considered to rule out injury or infection. A normal CBC would make leukemia less likely. Obtaining a peripheral smear and bone marrow biopsy can be considered if indicated. I agree with the rheumatology evaluation. Imaging of any affected areas and joints can also be considered.