Joint pain in fingers morning

Degenerative joint disease, aka osteoarthritis, is the most common reason for joint pain. Luckily, there natural joint pain in fingers morning to treat degenerative joint disease.

Degenerative joint disease – Dr. Also known as osteoarthritis, an estimated 27 million Americans over the age of 25 have DJD, which is about 14 percent of the total population in this age group. Even worse, about 34 percent of those 65-plus have DJD. And because it develops in older people more frequently, we can expect to see these numbers rise even higher as the percentage of Americans over the age of 65 only continues to increase.

Let’s take a look at how diet and lifestyle can help manage DJD. All of these help lower severity of symptoms and slow progression of the disease so more cartilage is spared. While most people with osteoarthritis usually have joint pain and some movement limitations, many find that they feel better and experience less symptoms overall when they keep moving. In fact, exercise is considered one of the most important treatments for degenerative joint disease.