Joint pain in a finger

Finger Joint Pain, Causes and treatments for finger pain conditions. Is finger joint pain making your every day activities difficult? Learn causes and treatment recommendations for finger pain conditions. Our hands are vitally important to the activities we joint pain in a finger every day.

Finger joint pain can mean limited ability to do simple things like open a jar, write a letter, or use a fork and knife can be limited and painful. What are the potential causes of finger pain? Could you have finger arthritis? What can you do to minimize pain and improve everyday function? The fingers are comprised of series of bones, tendons, and legaments all working together to create functioning joints. Ligaments connect one bone to the other, helping to form the joints of the hand.

Flexor tendons on the palm side of the hand work during gripping activities and extensor tendons straighten the fingers. The inter workings of the bones, ligaments, and tendons make the hand one of the most complex regions of the body. Unfortunately there are a variety of sources for finger joint pain. Causes of finger pain can include joint conditions, overuse, and trauma.