Joint inflammation treatment

You’re Giving Me Joint Pain and Inflammation? Did you know sugar joint inflammation treatment a role in joint pain and inflammation?

Medication only takes you so far — sugar intake has get cut to help autoimmune issues. You’re Giving Me Joint Pain and Inflammation? Be the best autoimmune mom you can be. Slavery is alive and well in our society, but it’s not what you may think.

Back in the 1700s, before the conveniences of modern industrialized life, we consumed, on average, 4 pounds of sugar per year. Nowadays, it’s more like 78 pounds per year. And how is that affecting us? It has taken us many years to finally connect the dots between sugar and disease.

It has been a long road because first, we had to come to understand inflammation and disease and then sugar and inflammation. We also went through a phase of fearing and blaming fat, while turning a blind eye to and cranking up our sugar consumption via highly processed foods and beverages. It is now common knowledge that chronic, low-grade inflammation is where disease starts. Inflammation is the body’s immune response to conditions like infection, injury, fatty acid imbalance or foreign substances like undigested proteins or bacterial waste products called endotoxins finding their way into the bloodstream. They maneuver their way into the bloodstream when the tightly fitting cells of the intestinal mucosal lining spread apart, which is called intestinal permeability. This occurs for a number of reasons.

When toxins and proteins get into the blood stream, the immune system recognizes them as foreign, or non-self, and proceeds to attack the perpetrator as well as its own tissues with inflammatory chemical messengers called cytokines. This is the essence of autoimmunity. Genetics determine your weakest link organs and tissues, so to speak, and those can end up taking the brunt of the inflammatory response. This is why, in response to intestinal permeability, microbial imbalance and even the same environmental trigger, such as gluten, one person will develop Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, another will develop Rheumatoid Arthritis, another will develop Sjogren’s and so on. In this indirect fashion, by promoting microbial imbalance, sugar can be a major culprit in not only autoimmune diseases, but the secondary symptoms that come with them. Autoimmune super symptoms, which includes joint pain, is discussed elsewhere on this website. Arthritis is also the nation’s most common cause of disability.