Joint feet pain

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Sports related injuries can literally bring your life to a standstill. Whether you’re playing the back nine or simply walking up a flight of stairs, the pain can become unbearable and potentially diminish your quality of life. At the Matthys Orthopaedic Center we have extensive training in the care of various joint and sports related injuries. Our priority is to help you make a quick recovery and return to an active lifestyle. Our individualized approach to your treatment options enables us to help you make the best decision for your particular situation. We will not undertake any treatment without first explaining it fully and answering all of your questions.

We are leaders in Joint Replacement. Through a combination of personalized medicine and innovative surgical treatments our patients recover comfortably and quickly. Patients are on their feet again the same day of surgery with our unique rapid recovery protocols. Under the direction of Gary A. Matthys MD, American Board certified and fellowship trained and recognized as an expert in orthopaedic Surgery. We specialize in treatment of arthritic conditions involving all age groups.