How to reduce joint inflammation

A healthy diet can how to reduce joint inflammation ease joint inflammation and pain. When researchers at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland put pomegranate extract on samples of cartilage damaged by osteoarthritis, it lowered levels of an inflammatory chemical linked with overproduction of a certain enzyme. Joints likely absorb the juice when you drink it.

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Ads are what helps us bring you premium content! If you suffer from chronic inflammation, you may want to find out which foods to avoid and which one to consume in order to reduce inflammation in your body. Inflammation is a Silent Killer that attacks the brain, heart and immune system. Are you one of the people who suffer from chronic disease? Well, you may be interested to read about the link between inflammation to chronic diseases and how to reduce inflammation in your body to reduce the symptoms of your disease. Chronic inflammation is nowadays linked to many diseases and is known for worsening their symptoms.

Along conventional treatment, you can reduce the extent of the damage it causes to the body through some foods that are available in every home. So which foods to avoid, and which to add to your menu? Over time it has become increasingly clear that all chronic diseases originate from internal inflammation that came out of control. Inflammation is the body’s response to injury, as well as to allergy or ongoing stress. These conditions cause the accumulation of toxins which the body cannot get rid of for various reasons, such as weak digestive system or too much load of toxins. Inflammation is actually a natural protective and repair mechanism of the body that is intended to overcome tissue injury.

In chronic conditions the body keeps trying to turn off the inflammation, but is unsuccessful. Chronic inflammation is one of the reasons for fatigue, poor mood, and even the inability to lose weight, and many diseases show more severe symptoms in the presence of increased inflammation. One explanation is that inflammation causes the process of accelerated aging, as well as increasing the risk of coronary diseases, strokes and cancer. The inflammation causes accelerated erosion within the body by increasing oxidative activity. The best way to reduce inflammation is through direct treatment of the root of the problem, for example: treating the infection, prevention of allergy, or removing pressure from the pinched nerve.