Horses arthritis

Not only is it natural and affordable, but it’s also a safe and fool-proof way to get into DIY horse care. ACV is a great place to start. ACV also makes an effective and inexpensive horses arthritis spray.

This can help protect your horse against bacteria, parasites and water-borne diseases. An alkaline environment in the horse’s digestive tract can cause intentional stones to grow to the point of causing dangerous obstructions. The acidifying effect of ACV helps dissolve enteroliths, or ideally prevent them, This is particularly useful in areas with hard water, or for horses that consume a lot of alfalfa hay. Add 1 cup of ACV to a bucket of water for the final rinse of your horse’s tail. For the mane I like to use a spray bottle, This will leave it feelingly incredibly smooth and removes any extra soap residue. Bonus: It also works as a natural detangler! If your horse is accustomed to the taste of ACV, bring some along on your next road trip and they’ll happily drink unfamiliar water.

It usually only takes a few tablespoons. Spraying fungus, burns, skin infections  and other wounds with diluted ACV is a great way to speed healing time by helping to help keep bacteria and insects away. Both horses and humans alike have benefited from ACV to help control arthritis pain and stiffness. When fed daily ACV, works to remove toxins, restore pH balance and increase crucial minerals, all of which improves joint health. I’ve seen great results using ACV to care for minor hoof ailments including bruises, abscesses and thrush. ACV is a great alternative.