Herbal remedies for arthritis

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Bacterial vaginosis is the most common mild infection of the vagina. Receding gums are most often the result of genetics. A painful infection or injury has affected almost every person. Fleas are a common household problem especially if you have pets like dogs and cats.

Tooth abscess is the buildup of puss around or in the root of the tooth. Inflammatory conditions of the body can be really painful. Fibroid are tumors that grow from the muscle layers of the womb. Most insect stings and bites are relatively harmless. Nerve damage needs a great deal of time to heal. Hepatitis B is a type of virus that causes serious infection in the liver.

Yeast infection is a health related disorder commonly faced by women in the vaginal area. Scalp psoriasis is a skin disorder that affects the scalp. Inflammation of the sinus cavities of the human face leads to sinus headaches. And you thought that prescription thyroid pills were the only cure for hypothyroidism?