Heel arthritis tablets

What symptoms might I have? Is it really ankle arthritis? Heel arthritis tablets I have been diagnosed with ankle arthritis how can I help my symptoms?

Compare to the normal ankle x-ray. These are common features of all arthritic joints and are not specific to ankle arthritis. The inside of a normal ankle joint is lined completely by smooth cartilage which looks very like the covering of the joint one sees with a chicken drum stick for example. The arthritic ankle loses this smooth cartilage lining which normally allows for low friction and pain free weight bearing. Once lost, the underlying bone is exposed in ankle arthritis. This is not a comfortable surface for weight bearing and pain is generated from inside the joint.

As the cartilage is being «worn away» in ankle arthritis loose flaps of cartilage can become partially detached from the arthritic joint and these can also produce pain and also sometimes a sensation of locking from the arthritic ankle joint. What symptoms might I have with ankle arthritis? It is possible that in the early stages or even in the «late» stages of ankle arthritis that one may experience little in the way of symptoms. Most commonly pain is the presenting symptom and in ankle arthritis this is usually well localised to the level of the ankle joint. It can be felt anywhere circumventially around the ankle joint but usually it is felt deep within the joint.