Essential oil rheumatoid arthritis

Essential oils for rheumatoid arthritis like peppermint, orange, ginger and more can be used to reduce joint inflammation and alleviate pain. Essential oils can be effective at pain relief although they are not used to stop or slow disease progression. This is a natural or holistic treatment strategy that can be used in conjunction with essential oil rheumatoid arthritis rheumatoid arthritis medications.

Essential oils are derived and produced from the oils of certain natural herbs, flowers, fruits and other plants. They characteristically emit a strong, soothing fragrance or have a strong sweet or spicy taste. Essential oils have been used in joint pain and stiffness relief for thousands of years. Before today’s conventional pharmacology treatment, ancient Chinese and Indian medicinal practices used essential oils to treat a variety of symptoms including joint stiffness and pain.

Today essential oils can be purchased in a variety of formats including edibles, sprays, oil rubs as well as in aromatherapy formats like candles. How do Essential Oils Work? Essential oils are extracted from the leaves, stems, flowers, fruits, and branches of a variety of different plants. They are rich in several different nutrients and minerals that can help soothe arthritis pain and inflammation. Vitamins A, C, E and other complex chemicals and minerals occur naturally in several plants. Several essential oils possess antioxidant, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties which are thought to help reduce inflammatory symptoms and alleviate pain in some people.

There are several types of essential oils that have been studied and used in helping treat rheumatoid arthritis joint pain and inflammation. By adding these essential oils to your diet, you may benefit from natural treatments to reduce or ease rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. These essential oils can be used as ingredients in cooking recipes, or they can be used in flavored water or tea beverages to drink regularly. Peppermint is an essential oil with many health benefits including its ability to help reduce inflammation. Peppermint naturally contains several ingredients including menthol and limonene which are used for healing.

As essential oils for rheumatoid arthritis peppermint oils have natural analgesic, anesthetic and anti-inflammatory properties which help alleviate joint pain and stiffness. Peppermint can be added to water or brewed to make tea. Essential oils derived from orange also have anti-inflammatory properties. As a citrus, orange has natural antioxidants which have been shown to be important dietary components for rheumatoid arthritis patients. The effects of orange oil as an antiarthritic treatment were studied and it was found that it can lower inflammation levels by interrupting inflammatory response in the immune system due to its natural antioxidant properties. For years, people have used ginger as an antiarthritic treatment because it has natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.