Cure arthritis naturally

Tendonitis or tendinitis is a common Osteoarthritis problem that many people suffer from. No products in the cart. Tendonitis, which is mainly caused by the inflammation of tendons, makes cure arthritis naturally lives of its victims miserable by making performance of everyday activities a painful affair.

Over-the-counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications and topical creams are generally prescribed by the physicians. Let us have a quick glimpse on some of these natural remedies. These are natural self-care home remedies that give satisfactory relief from the ailment. It is therefore necessary to refrain from stressful physical activities for a period of time to lessen the inflammation of the tendons. Taking rest and stopping stressful physical activities will alleviate the problem to a great extent.

Taking adequate rest undoubtedly promotes healing at a faster pace. Ice packs are great in reducing inflammation and pain. Besides ice packs, heating pads are also effective in relaxing the strained and inflamed areas. But compression will not help chronic cases of tendonitis. Elevation is a traditional natural remedy for tendonitis. If you are looking at fixing the root of the problem, the good news is that there are certain natural remedies that help in achieving the goal. These foods are supportive in alleviating inflammation in the body.

Preferable meats are chicken, turkey, duck and ostrich. Foods that contain potassium, Vitamin C and zinc are great in reducing tendonitis-related inflammation. The following are such useful herbs natural remedies that trigger healing of tendonitis. Chickweed is an excellent herb that aids in naturally lessening the pain-causing inflammation.