Compare osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

Can you get rheumatoid or osteoarthritis in the back of your head? Posted in: osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis — Answer: You have two lymph nodes at the base of your skull also. Hello — Compare osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis a quick question.

For a few days the back of my head is sore Could i have reumatoid or osteoporosis in my head ? I never heard of it before but i suppose anything is possible. Could someone get back to me. Thank you for any answers. Hi kathy1105 — do you mean the back of your skull? Have you had a fall or bumped your head recently? Is there a lump in that area?

Yes i do mean the back of my skull is sore. On the left side only. I havn’t had any falls or bumps at all. Sorry I can’t help you more Kathy.

Yes, to have both osteo and RA would be very hard. Apparently it is possible, my cousin has suffered from a serious head pain on the left side behind her ear where the 2 plates meet. After having steroid injections, cocodamol and mri scans they’ve diagnosed arthritis of the head but no way of relieving it. Reduce or finish that skull back sore. Or anyone who can help me in this .

RA affects joints and the skull doesnt have joints-osteoporosis doesnt cause pain in of itself-it causes thinning of the bones but is painless unless a bone breaks. It is most likely the muscles that are causing the soreness. I have had stiff sore muscles in my neck that also effect the back of my head. The muscles over the skull can get tight and cause pain.