Coding arthritis

Radiology billing and coding tips. Learn about radiology billing services health care CPT codes coding arthritis reimbursement.

How to do Radiology billing correctly. PET CT scan coding and Guidelines. Treatment of acute inflammatory conditions when intralesional therapy is the treatment of choice. Treatment of monoarticular conditions where the benefits of periodic steroid injection exceed the risk of systemic therapy. To establish uniform criteria for billing knee injections, viscosupplementation injections of the knee and ultrasound guidance.

Place the Procedure code 20610 in item 24D. If the drug was administered bilaterally, a -50 modifier should be used with 20610. Please note the CPT code 76942 is still an active code and could and should be reported with other aspiration or injection services as appropriate. For example, CPT code 25115 describes a radical excision of a bursa or synovia of the wrist.

It is standard surgical practice to preserve neurologic function by isolating and freeing nerves as necessary. Therefore, CPT code 64719 is bundled into CPT code 25115. Because this type of anesthesia  provided by the surgeon performing the procedure is not separately payable, CPT code 64450 is bundled into CPT code 20600 when the same physician performs both procedures. These new codes specifically address ultrasound guidance and require that the report be included in the patient’s permanent record. Coders should check the guidelines for reporting 20600, 20605 or 20610 with fluoroscopic, computed tomography, or magnetic resonance imaging guidance.

As a result, descriptors for CPT codes 20600, 20605, and 20610 have changed. The following Indications and Limitations statement applies to Arthrocentesis, Small Joint, Intermediate Joint, and Major Joint. Pain over the bursa may be increased when muscles and tendons over the bursa are moved against resistance. This section states that no payment shall be made to any provider for any claims that lack the necessary information to process the claim.