Classifications of juvenile arthritis

What’s the Link Between Arthritis and Eye Problems? Classifications of juvenile arthritis problems, such as uveitis, scleritis, and dry eye, are often associated with inflammatory types of arthritis.

Link Between Arthritis and Eye Problems? Most people think arthritis is solely a joint disease. The eye is a complex structure. The front portion of the eye includes the cornea and the lens.

The anterior uvea includes the iris and the ciliary body. The posterior part of the uvea is called the choroid, a highly vascularized tissue that sits just behind the retina. Any portion of the uvea can become inflamed, as well as surrounding tissue. The white outer covering of the eye is called the sclera.

The sclera and cornea meet to form the limbus at the front of the eye. The retina is the most interior part of the eye—the part that is an extension of the brain and is capable of responding to visual signals. If you are experiencing vision abnormalities, you should consult your physician, preferably your rheumatologist. You will likely be given a referral to see an ophthalmologist. The signs and symptoms you may experience depend on the part of the eye which is inflamed or somehow affected. In some cases, delaying treatment can result in blindness, so take it seriously and have your symptoms evaluated. As its named suggests, uveitis is inflammation of the uvea which results in swelling and irritation.