Chondroitin and glucosamine for arthritis

WebMD reviews some of the dietary supplements people use to relieve arthritis pain and inflammation. Responsive Channel Content chondroitin and glucosamine for arthritis Column Template_091e9c5e813ec926_tmodules_css_535. Turmeric: Health Remedy in Your Spice Rack?

Why Are Women Still Dying From Childbirth? What Are Glucosamine and Chondroitin? Which Brand of Arthritis Supplement Should I Use? Who Should Not Take These Arthritis Supplements? What Are the Side Effects of Glucosamine and Chondroitin?

What Is MSM and Can It Help My Arthritis? What Are the Side Effects of MSM? It is important to check with your doctor before starting any new treatments. In addition, always follow the instructions on the medication label. In the body, they are the building blocks for cartilage and appear to stimulate the body to make more cartilage. The supplements, which are available in pharmacies and health food stores without a prescription, are well-tolerated and appear to be safe.

However, there are no long-term studies to confirm their long-term safety and effectiveness. Keep in mind that the U. Many physicians may still recommend a trial of glucosamine at this point, and if there is not apparent improvement by three months, it would be reasonable to stop glucosamine. There are many different brands of glucosamine and chondroitin, which are usually sold together as one arthritis supplement. Again, there is no government monitoring to ensure the purity of these products. If you don’t recognize a brand name, ask about the company’s reputation, how long it has been in business, and how long the store has stocked the brand. Glucosamine is extracted from a substance in shellfish.

These arthritis supplements are generally well-tolerated. However, side effects can occur. MSM is an odorless and tasteless natural sulfur compound found in all living things. Sulfur is needed by the body for healthy connective tissue and joint function and has purported pain-quashing and anti-inflammatory properties. While MSM is found in many foods — including meat, fish, certain fruit, vegetables, and grains — it is destroyed when foods are processed.

MSM supplements have become increasingly popular in recent years and many people feel they have had some pain relief since taking MSM. Although some studies have reported improvement in pain with MSM, more research needs to be done to support its use as an arthritis supplement. Moreover, as with many supplements that have not been studied, the long-term benefits and safety of the chemical are unknown. Talk to your doctor before taking MSM. MSM is considered very safe, and side effects are rare.

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WebMD describes what the latest research shows about using a supplement called glucosamine to treat painful joints. Is Glucosamine Good for Joint Pain? How much glucosamine should you take? Can you get glucosamine naturally from foods? What are the risks of taking glucosamine? If you’re looking for a supplement that may ease your joint pain, glucosamine might be worth a try.