Care for arthritis

We offer a number of services for people with arthritis. Care for arthritis can we help you today? Whether you’ve been recently diagnosed with arthritis, living with it for some while or think you may have the early signs, we’re here for you.

Our helpline is a free, confidential service, which is open to anyone affected by arthritis. Now that we are one organisation, the information you give us will be held by Arthritis Research UK. In addition to the enewsletter, we would like to email you to tell you more about our activities and how you can support us. If you are not happy to be contacted in this way, please tick this box. Arthritis Care Week — Round up!

The support we received in raising awareness of living with arthritis has been truly overwhelming, so we wanted to share some of the highlights from the week. Arthritis Research UK 1998-2017 All rights reserved. Our resources include factsheets and booklets to help people with arthritis better manage their condition and improve their quality of life. This means that every publication we produce undergoes rigorous assessment to ensure it’s clear, accurate, evidence-based and up to date. The quality mark shows our commitment to trustworthy health and care information.

All our booklets and factsheets are available to download below. This factsheet has information about the treatment and symptoms of AOSD. Ankylosing spondylitis is a condition that affects the spine and other joints, causing pain and stiffness. A Baker’s cyst can be the result of a problem with your knee joint, such as arthritis or a cartilage tear, which causes your knee to produce too much fluid. This factsheet covers the three main biologics currently available in the UK.

Biologic drugs act on the specific parts of your immune system that cause inflammation in your joints and are used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. DLA is a benefit paid towards the additional costs of bringing up a disabled child. This factsheet explains the different rates and components of this type of benefit allowance. Find out about the benefits of exercise and the more common forms of safe exercise to help motivate you to start on the road to fitness and well-being.