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How Do Edema and Lymphedema Relate to Rheumatic Diseases? What Role Do Antibodies Play in the Immune Response? What Do People Fear Most About Arthritis? Are You Disabled According to Social Security Rules?

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Mhairi’s results and background in biomechanics gives me the confidence to refer her any patient we believe requires an assessment or orthotics. I had been suffering from calf injuries for a number of years which were ultimately resulting in me having to almost stop playing hockey and only occasional squash. I was referred to Mhairi who through the use of video and assessment identified an issue with the action of my foot plant. Within three weeks of getting the insoles I was running 5k and back in full training for hockey and squash with no ill effects. A year further on I am still managing to train and compete on a regular basis without the problems I previously experienced.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Mhairi to anyone with possible gait issues. I found her to be a very thorough and sympathetic clinician with a good understanding of my sporting needs. I have benefitted from the foot therapy treatment and orthotics as I am walking better which has helped with sciatica pain. I have suffered for a number of years with a problem of flat feet especially the left foot which even after a relatively short walk gave me quite a bit of pain. I Googled Foot Problems on the internet and Mhairi’s name and information came up, how lucky was I, I hit the jackpot!