Arthritis therapy

From a arthritis therapy point of view, immunomodulation refers to any process in which an immune response is altered to a desired level. Currently we have developed protocols to treat several diseases.

Are you having visual problems? Have you been diagnosed with Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy or Retinitis Pigmentosa? Or is your vision getting weaker as you are getting older? If yes, now there may be a way to improve the eyesight whether it is due to natural aging process or due to disease, with Live Cells. Until now, its use has been confined to the hospital setting. This was due mainly to the cost of separating the cells from the blood and the large amount of blood needed to produce a suitable quantity of cells.

New technology permits the doctor to harvest and produce a sufficient quantity of cells from only 30-50 cc of blood drawn from the patient while they are in the office setting. It takes about 20 minutes to harvest these cells prior to injection. These cells allow the body to take advantage of the normal healing pathways at a greatly accelerated rate. During the healing process, the body rushes many cells and cell-types to the injected area in order to accelerate the healing process.