Arthritis solutions

Knee Osteoarthritis, Symptoms and solutions for arthritis knee joint pain. Arthritis solutions Osteoarthritis is a common issue for an active aging population. Surgery is not the only option.

Learn more about other treatment options you can use to help minimize your knee pain. Deterioration of this joint can have a significant impact on activity. X-rays alone are not an indication that surgery must be done. What are typical osteoarthritis symptoms? Could treatment for your knee joint pain help you avoid knee replacement surgery?

Knee arthritis, often called degenerative joint disease, is characterized by the wearing of the protective cartilage of the joint. Age, injury, and general wear and tear are typical causes of knee OA. As the protective cartilage lining becomes damaged, the underlying bone is exposed causing inflammation, pain, limited mobility, and limited function. People over the age of 50 are more likely to develop knee OA, as are those who are overweight.