Arthritis signs symptoms

With arthritis, there can be arthritis signs symptoms pain, joint damage, and systemic involvement. Recognize early symptoms and consult your doctor to prevent disease progression and disability.

Often, they spend some time trying to self-treat the symptoms with over-the-counter treatment options. Hopefully they don’t this for long. It’s important to recognize early symptoms of arthritis and consult your doctor for an examination and assessment. The ultimate goal, of course, is to be properly diagnosed and treated, and the earlier you do this, the better you’ll feel. Typical arthritis symptoms in the hand and wrist. You should be aware that, not only are there are many types of arthritis, there is variability in which joints are affected and how severely. Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis — What’s the Difference?

While certain symptoms are common to most, if not all types of arthritis, the differences are what distinguish the specific types of arthritis from one another. Though early symptoms are the first indication of an arthritic condition, more information is needed to identify a specific type. You may wonder why you need to know the major differences between the various types of arthritis. Many people feel that it’s the job of their doctor to uncover pertinent information to formulate a diagnosis. We encourage you to think of yourself and your doctor as a team. An understanding of the primary characteristics associated with each type of arthritis will help you recognize what is and is not important to report to your doctor with regard to your own condition.

In other words, your understanding of arthritis symptoms will allow you to provide your doctor with what he or she needs to know. Let’s look at the symptoms and characteristics of the most prominent types of arthritis and rheumatic diseases. How Do Body Aches and Pains Differ From Arthritis? The affected joints can swell, feel warm, and become stiff after prolonged inactivity. Osteoarthritis can occur with other forms of arthritis simultaneously. The symptoms of psoriasis and joint inflammation often develop separately. Any joint in the body can be affected.