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How to Treat Arthritis in the Knees. Arthritis is defined as joint inflammation, stiffness and pain. Any joint is susceptible to arthritis, although it’s particularly common within knees because they are weight-bearing joints and tend to get over-used. Although there is no currently recognized cure for knee arthritis, there are numerous types of treatment that can help manage the pain. Lose weight if you’re too heavy. As a general rule, people who are overweight or obese suffer more arthritis because of the increased amount of pressure on their joints — especially weight-bearing joints such as the knees, hips and low back. Thus, do your knees a favor by losing excess weight.

Most people who aren’t especially active only need about 2,000 calories daily to maintain their body processes and still have enough energy for some exercise. Reducing your daily caloric intake by only 500 calories can result in about 4 pounds of lost fat per month. Swimming is a fantastic exercise for arthritis sufferers to lose weight because your body is buoyant and no pressure is put on your joints. Use moist heat for osteoarthritis.

Instead, OA involves wearing out of the knee cartilage, formation of bone spurs, grating sensations, pain, loss of flexibility and stiffness, particularly first thing in the morning after many hours of disuse. Apply moist heat first thing in the morning or after not using your knee for long periods of time. Avoid electric heat sources because they can dehydrate the skin and muscles around the knee. Epsom salt bath, which can significantly reduce stiffness and pain, especially within the joint and surrounding muscles. Nearly 30 million middle-aged and elderly Americans have been diagnosed with OA somewhere in their body. Use cold therapy for inflammatory arthritis. Using cold therapy, such as crushed ice, ice cubes, frozen gel packs or veggies from the freezer, is much more appropriate and effective for inflammatory types of arthritis that involve severe swelling and redness.