Arthritis in joint knee

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Studies finds common procedure may not help painful knees. The study was done in Finland and adds to earlier research that suggests the procedure may be unnecessary for most people with knee osteoarthritis. A surgeon inserts a narrow tube through a very small incision. The fiber-optic video camera attached to the tube allows to surgeon to see inside the joint and repair some types of joint damage with pencil-thin surgical instruments. This is done with small additional incisions rather than a large incision.

Felson, MD, MPH, a rheumatologist with the Boston University School of Medicine. And the thinking was that if you cleaned that up, it would help the pain,» he added. Researchers at the University of Western Ontario randomly assigned 178 people with moderate to severe osteoarthritis of the knee to either arthroscopic surgery or to a combination of medications, supplements and physical therapy. After two years, both groups reported nearly the same levels of pain, stiffness and disability. A 2008 review published by the Cochran Collaboration, a group of scientists based in the U.