Arthritis factor

2015 Impact Factor : 8. 2014 Arthritis factor Factor : 7.

2013 Impact Factor : 7. 2012 Impact Factor : 7. 2011 Impact Factor : 7. 2010 Impact Factor : 8.

2009 Impact Factor : 7. 2008 Impact Factor : 6. If you’re living with chronic pain due to arthritis, it may be time to take a closer look at your symptoms and explore treatment options. Most people think that arthritis is a single disease.

As a matter of fact, arthritis is not even a disease—the term describes a symptom that is shared by a group of diseases and conditions. Arthritis literally means «joint inflammation. Joint inflammation is the symptom that is common to the conditions that fall under the umbrella of arthritis. The difference between a normal and inflamed joint in arthritis. While joint symptoms are considered the primary characteristic of arthritis, certain rheumatic diseases may affect parts of the body other than the joints. Certain rheumatic conditions may also affect internal organs.

While it is said that there are over 100 types of arthritis and rheumatic diseases, just a handful of those are prevalent and well-known. Many rheumatic diseases are quite rare. The CDC estimates that one in five U. It has been projected that as the population ages, the number of people with doctor-diagnosed arthritis will soar to 67 million by the year 2030. Actually, two-thirds of people with arthritis are under the age of 65. According to the CDC, one in every 250 children is affected by some type of arthritis or rheumatic condition.