Anemia and arthritis

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Military Disability Made Easy Logo. If it does, then it most likely would be considered incapacitating. The most common rating for joint conditions is limitation of motion, partly because conditions are required to be rated under limitation of motion first before they can be rated as degenerative arthritis. If any condition causes a decreased range of motion in a joint, then it MUST be rated on that limited motion.

A joint condition can only be rated as degenerative arthritis if it does not have a limited enough range of motion to rate under those codes. Conditions CANNOT be rated under both limitation of motion and degenerative arthritis. Limited motion first, and if not, then only arthritis. So on to the rating: Once a condition cannot possibly be rated as limited motion of the affected joint, we can proceed with rating it as degenerative arthritis. Please note that there must be x-ray evidence of arthritis in the joints to rate under this code. For rating arthritis, the shoulder, wrist, elbow, hip, knee, and ankle are considered major joints. 5003 if there is painful motion.